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Please note:  Due to Covid, Prairie City Elementary will decide in January 2021 if they will let volunteers in the school building.  Our new Kids Hope program could start in January of 2021, but also may be postponed until Fall of 2021.)

                                        New For 2021-  Kids Hope USA!

Kids Hope USA builds life-changing relationships one at a time:  One Child. One Hour. One Church. One School.

What’s It All About?

Prairie City CRC is starting a partnership program with Prairie City Elementary School.  Volunteers from our church will be assigned to at risk kids in grades K-5.  One adult mentor volunteer will be assigned to one student.  The mentor will spend one hour per week with that child during school hours.  That’s basically the bottom line!

What Would I Do With My Student?

What the child and mentor do together is flexible.  The teacher may ask that the child be helped with school work.  But if not, the mentor and student may read together, play a game, draw, write a story, anything relationship building.  The most important part is that the student feels loved, supported and has someone he or she can rely on.


Who Pairs Up Mentors and Students?

The principal and teachers choose children to be part of this program.  They select kids that lack academic and social skills, most likely due to an unsupportive home life.  After the at risk students are identified, the principal and Kids Hope director pair up mentors and students.

Why Be a Kids Hope Mentor?

A mentor makes a huge difference in a child’s life!  The mentor might be the only adult to give the child undivided attention.  The mentor might be the only person to use the child’s name in a positive tone.  Or the mentor may be the only person that has been a consistent figure, someone the child knows he or she can trust to show up and pay attention. 

Make a difference in a child’s life!  Be a Kid’s Hope Mentor!

For more information or to obtain a Mentor Application, please contact Jodi VandeNoord at jvandenoord4@gmail.com.

Our church secretary Gladys Kadner also has Mentor Applications.  Contact her at prairiecitycrc@gmail.com.