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Agenda for the Special Meeting of the COD

Dear CRC pastors and councils:

The Council of Delegates of the CRCNA (COD) will hold a special virtual meeting June 11 and 12 (in advisory committees), and June 16-17 (in plenary session), to address matters that cannot wait until Synod 2021 for decision. The Program Committee of synod (officers of Synod 2019) have recently judged which matters on synod’s agenda will be addressed by the COD in June.

The Council of Delegates does not by any means take the place of synod. Rather, the COD is acting on behalf of synod in the interim since synod cannot meet. A record of all COD actions in June will be made available after the meetings and reported to Synod 2021 for review.

The matters to be addressed by the COD have been indicated by shaded text within the Agenda for Synod 2020 and the Agenda for Synod Supplement, which are posted to

We anticipate an additional supplemental report to be added in the coming days from Calvin Theological Seminary.

We ask that you remember the Council of Delegates in your prayers during these special meetings. We ask for the Spirit’s leading in the deliberations and decisions on behalf of the CRCNA.


Dee Recker
Director of Synodical Services


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